Bear With Me

I am at work today. I am a working mom. I am a 5th grade public school teacher and the children’s pastor at my church. These titles are both new to me. I have a schedule and responsibilities and people who depend on me for things to run smoothly. I don’t mind change really, but…… Continue Reading →

Look Who’s Talking

After an amazing weekend with Francine, Francine Rivers we are encouraged and excited about all of you coming along side us to put an end to trafficking in Reno, Nevada. Wouldn’t it be great if we showed up one day, and we were no longer needed? If suddenly Awaken had to change their outreach plan…… Continue Reading →

Within Reach

Ever notice Christians have a checklist along their progression of time: get saved, serve some people, join a Bible study, volunteer with a ministry, go on a mission trip, maybe go to Bible college, get married, join the young married couples small group, have babies, volunteer in the nursery, have more babies, join M.O.P.s, teach…… Continue Reading →

Miracles Are Afoot

There’s so much business about us. Some people are in the car business. I am in the teaching business. I know a guy in the singing business. My kids are in everyone’s business. We visit people in the doctor and dentist business. But none of that compares to God’s business. He dabbles in miracles. Well,…… Continue Reading →