LYON COUNTY BROTHELS ARE NOT REGULATED: The Sherriff’s office does not have the resources to regulate brothels in such a way to ensure that (a) women are not being trafficked through the brothels; (b) drug use, abuse and sales are not occurring; (c) appropriate protection is being used during each sex act; (d) to prevent violence, sexual assault and abuse; (e) to enforce terms of independent contractor agreements and (f) to make sure that each seller and buyer are free from sexually transmitted diseases.

BROTHELS INCREASE SEX TRAFFICKING IN NEVADA: Adjusted for population, Nevada’s commercial sex market is by far the largest of any state. Legalized prostitution has done nothing to stem victimization within the illicit sex trade—the data in the study show that prostituted persons in the illegal trade around licensed brothels are at a similar risk of having been trafficked as those in areas without legal brothels.

BROTHELS MAKE OUR COMMUNITY MORE DANGEROUS: There is a clear correlation between legal brothels and violent crime rates in Lyon County when compared to other counties of similar population and geography. By having legal prostitution, we have invited Pimps into our state to take advantage of a system that promotes the buying and selling of women for sexual services. By closing down the brothels we can actually make our city and our state safer.

EXAMINATIONS ARE NOT PREVENTATIVE: The men are not tested, therefore the carriers of the STI’s are still allowed to have sex with the women working in the brothels. The women are forced to see the brothel provided medical examiner, onsite. No buyers are required to be tested. Once a woman tests positive for an STI she is relieved of her job.

BROTHELS REDUCE NEARBY PROPERTY VALUES: Properties nearby Lyon County brothels have a 25% decrease in real estate than other areas of the county.